Opticgrips Keep Your Glasses in Place


The perfect solution to prevent your glasses from slipping or falling .

Great for readers, safety specs and sunglasses

Suitable for kids and adults

*Premium Silicone for comfort and durability

OpticGrips (patent pending) – the perfect solution to prevent your glasses from slipping or falling off.

Readers such as bi-focals and progressives are best when they stay where you look thru the ‘Sweet’ spot, and do not keep sliding down your nose. Similarly, active folk need to prevent sunglasses from slipping when cycling, golfing, working on engines and other hobby activities. OpticGrips are the ideal way to help keep your optics in place.

OpticGrips are made from premium, tough silicone for long service. It is designed to be comfortable when in place behind the ear. Made from the same material as baby bottle teats, it is soft, durable and flexible.

As spectacle and sunglass arms vary in size from very thin to quite wide, OpticGrips have been designed to cover most applications. There are 2 sizes in your pack, the ‘normal’ set fits most conventional readers, and the ‘large’ fits most sunglasses and fashionable wide arm designs. The normal set also has a removable band pre-assembled for great grip on thinner design arms. It can be removed if not needed.

To install, press the arm end into the top opening of the piece. Do not be concerned if it appears tight; it will not break, and is necessary to keep the OpticGrips point facing toward the lens and at the selected spot to keep your glasses positioned exactly where you want them. There is no ideal position; slide the piece to where it hooks comfortably and gently on your ear.

If you experience difficulty sliding the OpticGrips into place, dip the end of the arm in water first. This will help making it easier to push it to where you like it most.

For readers with very thin arms, a pair of thin-arm adapters is included in your purchase. Simply slip each adapter into your part that will be put on that pair of eyewear to customize the Opticgrip to your glasses.


Our PDQ 12-pack                                                                                                          Our 2-size pack

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